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Reload Express.js application on file save

When you start with Node.js and Express you are probably friends with

However there are tools to do this for you, one is Nodemon, and you can install this globably with

npm install -g nodemon

For your standard Node.js app which you start with node server.js you change that call to nodemon server.js. Now, each time you make a change Nodemon will handle restarting the app ... think of it frantically calling CTRL+C, UP ARROW & ENTER in the background for you.

For Express.js the setup is slightly different. From the terminal you would use something like this (Mac/Linux) npm start or DEBUG=myApp npm start to get your project up and running on http://localhost:3000. To use Nodemon here you need to edit your projects package.json file so it looks like this

"scripts":{ // "start": "node ./bin/www" "start": "nodemon ./bin/www" }

Once that's done, start your Express.js project the normal way and each time you make a change you can go straight to the browser and refresh the page.

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