Why do organizations hate their content management system

“Too often, management naively believes that new tools only will improve practices but I find that is rarely the case,” JoAnn Hackos, President of Comtech Services, states.

Something is seriously wrong with the process by which organizations commission their content management systems. In all the years I’ve been doing this I can’t think of an organization that was genuinely happy with what they have. Many of the systems are usability nightmares with tortuous processes for creating, editing and—particularly—deleting content.

And it’s not solely the vendor’s fault. One vendor told me that they would love to make their system simpler but that they would not survive in the marketplace. “Organizations may say they want simplicity, but they buy complexity,” he told me. “The more complex it looks—and the more packed with features it is—the more impressed they are.”

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A good read from a developers point of few but should be a required read for non-devs looking at purchasing new software to fix an old problem. Software should be brought or created based on the functionality required now. Nice-to-have features rarely get used in my experience and that time/money could of been used to create a better experience for the user .