Offline Railo Documentation for Dash

After my recent post about Dash and offline access to API documentation I had a look in to what it took to generate your own Docset so I could have the at my finger tips.

Railo Docset for Dash

After some hacking and ripping I've created the Github repos andyj/dash-docset-railo which has a working version currently checked in though it is by no means a final product. The Docset is using a HTML rip of the site so some of the dynamic content doesn't work at all. Hopefully with some help from @markdrew that should be resolved in a couple of versions so stay tuned.

Usage: Bleeding edge version

For the most recent version click here to download the Github repository, unzip the folder, and doubleclick the railo.docset file within. The Railo Docset should then be installed into Dash and be ready to use.

Usage: Lazy instal version

Go to and click on the link to auto-install

Usage: Install via Dash

  1. Open Dash
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to Downloads
  4. Add Docset:
  5. Click Download

N.B. the "Install via Dash" and "Lazy instal version" might be a revision or two behind the Github repository