Feed A Feever - host your own RSS Reader

With the demise of Google Reader I've been looking for an alternative RSS Reader. With all the others being paid subscriptions (that I don't trust free anymore - Google has proved why) I couldn't decide where to place my money. Then Fever° came up on the scope ( read this article to see why) - a self hosted app meaning that it will never be shut down (until you close your server).

Your current feed reader is full of unread items. You’re hesitant to subscribe to any more feeds because you can't keep up with your existing subs. Maybe you've even abandoned feeds altogether.

Fever takes the temperature of your slice of the web and shows you what's hot.

A one time payment of $30 - only after the app has checked its compatible - and you're good to go. It also comes with a good mobile interface so you can check your feed on the road. The real clincher was that it's actually compatible with Reeder 2 on iOS which has been a little idle recently.

n.b. I've actually hosted mine on App Fog as this makes setting up so easy!