Entertainment Industries- innovate or die

You don't need us to tell you that your position on anti-"piracy" laws has been unpopular recently. Last month's historic protests, with millions of Americans registering their opposition, have made that point pretty clear. Instead, we're writing today to tell you that the Internet can be great for creators and their community, but your own leadership refuses to recognize and take advantage of its promise. It seems they'd rather spend your membership dues on lawyers, lobbyists and astroturf than innovation. We suspect many of you are realizing this, especially when you see how successful new business models can be.We humbly suggest that you stand up and tell them to either embrace the age of the Internet or get out of the way so that new, forward-thinking industry leaders can take their place.

There are a lot of different fights regarding censorship on the net at the moment in the name of Piracy. So much of the issues come down to simple availability and price, the money being spent on the fight against piracy should go to making content easy to access at an attractive price, globally. We don't want to wait 6 months for that TV show, album, DVD to be released in our region. Innovate or die ... using the legal system to keep your business model never works, look at the Locomotive Acts in the UK. If anything this practice should somehow be outlawed in itself.