Mango Blog Template using 960gs

When it comes to creating a quick site for a client you want to use tools you can rely on, not just for performance but for cross-browser compatibility. For the layout of my last serveral projects I have always relied on the basics of the 960 CSS Grid system which has done me well when coming to test on IE6. Recently I haved added to my toolset Mango Blog to help me get a simple CMS site up and running with little fuss, the only issue I have is when it comes to creating the skins (not a big issue mind you). To help me (and hopefully others) I have created a theme skin that uses the 960 Grid system for its layout.

To be clear this is not a theme in anyway but the bare bones of the 960gs system for you to build upon. Its got the essential Mango templates to get up and running and very little CSS styling. As with all my projects I've added this to Github so that it can easily be contributed towards should other people want to build upon it.

Mango blog 960gs framework on Github
Mango blog 960gs framework download of Master
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