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layout.jade for Twitters Bootstrap

When moving over to a templating system like Jade it is the silly things you get stuck on. This is probably more for my reference than anyone else but its a simple layout.jade to use with Twitters Bootstrap.

!!!html head title= title link(rel='stylesheet', href='') body div.topbar div.fill div.container a(href='#').brand #{title} ul.nav a(href='#') Home li a(href='') Blog li a(href='#') Contact div.container!= body footer p © Company 2011

Each of your views will then be within the container, you just need to add the div.row in each view file. Below is the current index file at (subject to change of course)

div.hero-unit h1 Hello Node and Nodester p More content coming soondiv.content div.row div.span6 h2 Currently using p Jade and Express div.span5 h2 Starting with Node.js p Links to start you off div.span5 h2 The message board p.label.notice Coming soon

If you are looking for more documentation then check this out from the Scala communitya href="">