cfspreadsheet for Railo update

I have done a minor update to the cfspreadsheet extension thanks to Sean Corfield and his preliminary testing. Please let me know if you are using/testing it as the more feedback the better. I know that I really do need to write some MXUnit tests when I get the time so that is on the list and don't forget you can log issues at

To install (to update go to step 2 and it should say an update is available)

  1. log in to your Web Administrator and add to your Providers (under Extension)
  2. Then go to Applications (still under Extension) and install "CFPOI, a wrapper for the Apache POI Project."
  3. Once done you will need to restart your Railo server.

With your server restarted you should be able to use the cfspreadsheet functions and tags.

All the code is open at