Ive gone from Wordpress back to BlogCFC. Woohoo!

Around last May 2009 I moved my blog away from CF to Wordpress (PHP), the main reason was for the bloggin tools i.e. iPhone app etc,plus the skinning was easy as dropping a folder on your server.Well over the holiday break I've moved back to BlogCFC. Theres are a few reasons which I thoughtwere worth putting a blog post together:
  1. I was never happy with Wordpress. Thats not to say its not a great blogging software/platform but I had a few issues withplugins and skins which meant either digging into rights management or even editing PHP(UCK!). The reason for moving toWordpress after-all was because I didn't want to think about maintaining my blogs code.
    Yes the iphone app was good to have but I didn't use it as much as I thought I would and it wasn't as good as I imagined it being,so this ended up being a mute point anyway.
  2. Next I thought why even host my own blog and I looked around at the likes of Posterous whichI know of some CF devs have moved over too. It seemed a neat blogging tool again, email your posts in etc, but then I didn't likehandy over all of my data to a third party plus what if they vanished over night or simply the data got corrupted.
So here I am back on BlogCFC again. Skinning the blog myself and hacking away with it and already got some idea's which I want tosubmit to the project which has got me excited about blogging again.Having a CF blog means that I have somewhere to test code and ideas. Plus if I want the features I see in other tools it gives me a way to giveback to the community.