Firebug lite extension for Google Chrome

Google Chrome has quite quickly become my main browser for everyday use but when it comes to development I still have to slip back to Firefox.

This is starting to change a while back with Firebug releasing a "lite" version via bookmarklets (which is compaitble with IE6+, Opera, Safari and Chrome).
They have now gone a little bit further with this idea and created a Google Chrome Extention that you can now download and install. Its not all roses though as it still does have some missing features like: JavaScript debugger & Net Panel not being available. Hopefully though this is just the start of good things to come for the browser.

A bit more on Firebug Lite:

Firebug Lite is a pure Web based version of Firebug, built on a different code base than the Firefox version. In addition to Pedro's major improvements, he has also been evolving the code to bring it closer to the Firefox version. Eventually we hope to combine the Lite code with a new Firebug frontend for mobile and remote debugging based on a standard web debug protocol.