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Change your browser

That was the response from Tesco when I mentioned their site doesn't work with Google Chrome! Their actual response was:

The browser that you tried to use - Google Chrome is not very friendly with our webiste and I'm afraid you will have many difficulties with your attempt to place this order. I recommend changing the browser either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and should be able to complete your purchase without any problems.

I know Chrome isn't a market leader but if your site works with Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer then you can probably assume that the fix for this browser cannot be hard to do and has got to be better than telling a customer how to use your site? Going, if not gone, are the days where you can dictate what browsers a customer uses* as the world becomes more tech savvy this will get even worse.

As a final note I wasn't expecting the issue to be fixed then and there but the response didn't indicate they were that bothered about their issues either.

* if a customer chooses to uses a 10+ year old browser such as IE6 then as a developer I retain the right to tell them to at least upgrade.