CFGit (coldfusion and Git. get it?)

I wish I could be more original with project names, anyway ... this is just anexperiment I was playing around with tonight and I wanted to share before I left it in folder oblivion. At the moment it is a rather bare bones CFC for talking to Git. You can run currentlyon run:
* Status
* Log
* Show
* But you can easily add more

The benefit (which is where the idea started) is that you don't have to be inthe git project to run this!

I've only tested on a Mac w/CF9 so would be glad for any feed back on other platforms or suggestions!

Below is the CFC code alone but if you want to check it all out (an index.cfm and Readme.txt file, thats it!) check out:

setGit_path( argGit_path ); setgit_folder( arggit_folder ); return this; ' & local.err & ""> // makse sure there is a trailing slash if( right( arggit_folder, 1) NEQ "/"){ arggit_folder = arggit_folder & "/"; } arggit_folder = arggit_folder & ".git"; git_folder=arggit_folder;