Fridays Joke- The programmers

A group of 4 Microsoft .NET programmers and a group of 4 ColdFusion programmers are going on a train to Scotch on the Road.The MS programmers buy a ticket each, and then watch the ColdFusion programmers proceed to buy one ticket between them.

The MS programmers are intrigued and when they get on the train, they watch the ColdFusion programmers to see what they do when the guard comes to check the tickets. It turns out that, before the guard comes, they all cram into the toilet. The guard knocks on the door, and asks for the ticket. The guard takes it from under the door, and slides it back.

The MS programmers are all impressed, so on the way back from Scotch on the Road, they buy only one ticket. Only to watch the ColdFusion folks get on the train without buying a ticket at all.

When they get on the train, the MS people cram into the toilet, as they saw the ColdFusion folks on the earlier journey. The ColdFusion programmers then knock on the door, and say "Ticket please". The MS programmers slide the ticket under the door, as they saw the ColdFusion programmers do earlier.

"Thank you", they say. "You steal our methods, but you don't understand them."

Don't forget you don't just have to be a .Net developer to take advantage off Technology Amnesty. Sponsored by Railo, Scotch on the Road are offering 10 tickets for each location to JSP/PHP/.NET/Rails developers to come along and see what all the fuss is, for absolutely zero cost.