UK file sharers getting clamped down on

If you don't know already the UK is taking its orders from the music industry in terms to clamp down on file-sharers. The big six, BT, Virgin, Orange, Tiscali, BSkyB and Carphone Warehouse have all signed up for the proposed "three-strikes" system. In short, after a couple of letters you're going to be in trouble. Up to now UK ISP's have had the stance of we supply the network we don't care what our users do, we're not the police. Part of this comes from the Human Rights law that we sit under that provides a degree of privacy in our communications. But what bothers me the most with this is that the pressure is actually coming via the Government, and its them whom are actually telling the ISP's what to do. Now if its illegal, its illegal I get it. But shouldn't the Government be putting more energy into getting ISP to track terror chatter, child porn, sales of drugs etc. I can't see how a multi-billion pound/dollar industry is more of a "serious" issue to them. The music industry needs to stop looking at laws and wasting Government resource and use a little fresh initiative and ideas to prevent the file sharing in the first place.Read more on this at here and here