Turn your iphone into a wireless hard drive for free

I don't really talk about apps on my iPhone that I've downloaded but in this case I figured it was well worth blogging about.A couple of things to point out Air Sharing before I go on;
  1. This is a actual app from the app store, so no need to jailbreak your iPhone
  2. Its only free for the first two weeks. Then it goes to its regular price of $6.99
  3. The next, 1.01 update is going to be free too
Air Sharing is a new application for the iPhone that basically turns the phone into a wireless, mountable, hard drive. With the app running you can drag and drop files on to and off the iPhone and what's even better is that it can be mounted to any Mac, Windows and Linux PC. Alternatively the files are accessible via a web browser. For security there is the option to password protect the folders, or allow guest access to a public location.Air Sharing also acts asa viewer, so from the phone you can view any of the files in the following formats:iWork, Office, Web Archive, Web Page, PDF, HTML, RTF, RTFD, Plain Text, Source Code, MPEG-4, H.264, 3GPP, Images, etc.