Fridays Joke- cheap scotch

I can't believe its the end of March already! If I haven't mentioned once or twice I'm getting married at the end of the year and everyone said this year will fly by .. D'oh they were right! Enjoy!A Teddy Bear goes in to a Bar & says to the Bar Man "Have you got any Cheap Scotch"
Bar Man Says "Sorry all the Cheap Scotch has gone"
The Teddy Bear Goes off, and comes back the next day and says"Have you got any Cheap Scotch"
Bar Man Replies "Look I told you yesterday we have no Cheap Scotch"
The Teddy Bear goes off again, and comes back the following day.
Same Bar man and the Teddy Bear asks "Have you got any Cheap Scotch"
The Bar Man now annoyed says "Look we have no cheap Scotch, if you come in here again I'll cut your head off with a pair of scissors"
The Teddy Bear runs off scared, next day the same Teddy Bear, Walks in to the same Barand says to the same Bar Man "Have you got any scissors," Bar Man replies "No"

"Have you got any Cheap Scotch then?"Save The Bear!Don't miss out on Cheap Scotch like the Teddy Bear, Get Your Tickets by the 30th April ?