Don't miss out on Mac Heist

If you don't know Mac Heist its a site that resells Mac OS X shareware and a greatly reduced price. As the site sells more bundled software they unlock/give away more licenses to more software. Also;
MacHeist donates a massive 25% of your purchase to a charity of your choice. So far, MacHeist customers are on target to raise over $300,000 for charitable causes.
The bundle of currently 13 apps sells for $49, though get 2 friends to join in like Kev did with me and that prices drops down to $33. The bundle includes Snapz Pro X which is normally $69, App Zapper currently $12.99, plus a host of other handy apps.In total, to buy all the bundled software separately would cost you $498.60! Paying $33 just for Snapz Pro X was worth it for me.Mac Heist