A ColdFusion Primer from Tunesbag

A bit on an intro to this. If I haven't mentioned I use Tweetdeck as my Twitter client which allows you to have a search panel. Mine is updated with my criteria of "ColdFusion". This is brilliant as it helping come across new CF users that maybe aren't so vocal/known in the community (by me anyway)First off I came across a high-level, but comprehensive primer into ColdFusion: on my travels I found out the author was, Hansjoerg Posch who has created a CF application called Tunesbag., a fresh and spicy new music storage & sharing service cooked up in a  dark  Vienna  basement  by  serial  entrepreneur  and  PHd  student  Hansjörg  Posch  is  offering up to 5 GB oftheir tunes anytime, atotally free AND legal!