Widgets I can't live without

This started out as response to a comment left on a previous post but I've decided to make a new entry out of it.So what widget can I not really live/work without:
  1. Weather - with 5 day forecast, plus I have it running twice to remind me the weather in Mexico (I love Riviera Maya)
  2. Scenario Poker - the first third party widget I installed when I wiped the machine. You won't find a more complete/professional Texas Hold'em widget and is a total time killer!
  3. iStat pro is the ultimate system monitoring widget. Brilliant for quick glance at battery health, disk space, CPU usage, network status and more.
  4. Screenshot plus - Take screen captures quickly and easily it can take full screen captures, grab portions of the screen, and even capture windows, desktop icons, and other widgets. I used to create the screen shot of my widgets at the end of this post.
  5. Calendar - Excellent for quick date look-ups
  6. Calculator, just good to have it handy.
My Mac WidgetThose are my regular widgets. Worthy of mention though as I use these now and then are:
  1. Stickes - does what is says on the tin. Excellent for taking a quick note. Also when combing with my previous post to drag and drop onto the desktop they become truly genius.
  2. BBC Radio - Listen to any of the 60 BBC's national, regional and local radio streams in one handy widget.
  3. MySQL Health - Excellent tool checking a remotes server status/health
So, whats yours?