Who's surfing on the Wii and other stats

I've just been going through my stats to see browser/platform usage out there and something interesting popped up - the Wii operating_share.pngWindows 76.57%
Mac 19.43%
Linux 3.43%
Nintendo Wii0.57%
I'm guessing that's just someone playing around more than serious surfing. From what I know the Wii just uses a modified OperaIn regards to platforms; for Mac it breaks down with the Intel chipped machines in clear lead:mac_share.pngMac OS X (Intel) 61.76%
Mac OS X (PowerPC) 38.24%
for Windows XP is still the leader with Vista making a quick dent. I'm ALWAYS surprised that I still see Win98 on there!window_share.pngWindows XP 85.07%
Windows Vista 8.21%
Windows Server 2003 / XP Pro (x64 Edition) 2.99%
Windows 2000 2.99%
Windows 98 0.75%
I'll look at putting my browser stats up tomorrow if I get time as the breakdown on usage is interesting. Though my results are most likely 100% different to the majority of sites as mine is aimed toward tech-heads than the general public.