The Rough Guides

In case no one has noticed I am kind of starting a Rough Guide Series. These guides are made the way I like guides to be. They don't go in-depth and throw everything at you! They just do enough to get you up and walking and give you an understanding of the topic. For example the ColdSpring series were done with this in mind. I just wanted to help get the idea to finally click and see what it is good for. They seemed to of done well from looking at the views and they even got a mention in the CFWeekly(cheers guys, keep up the good work!). Along with this I will also offer links/resources to carry on where I leave off.

What will I be covering next. Well next I'm want to do some Eclipse/CFEclipse stuff but really anything. From topics that I don't know anything about personally to handy ones like the recent Eclipse's restore a deleted file..

Why am I telling you this though? Because I want to get your feedback as well. Is there something I've done which you want me to expand on, or is there something you wish I covered? I'm not saying I'll do them - but it gives me an idea of where to go :o)

Look out for next one (soon'ish)