The resolutions for 2007

Happy New Year all! Its that time of year again for resolutions both personal and professional. My original resolution was to "quit making resolutions", but that didn't really seem to be in the spirit of things.So what are mine
  1. Finally fully understand Java enough and its concepts. Starting off by reading Head First Java front to back
  2. Contribute to the Java side of CFEclipse (see point one)
  3. Create my own framework for personal use (and maybe professional)
  4. Finally become a Certified CFDeveloper
  5. Post more technical blogs
  6. Carry on my ColdSpring posts series
  7. Change my blog design (again)
  8. Keep up with Peter Bells series on Application Generation. Made easier if Peter didn't post 16 new topics since Xmas Day while i'm on holiday :o)
  9. Annoy everyone with telling them I have got for Xmas the 23" Apple cinema display to go with my MBP(Done :o) woohoo!) pics coming soon
  10. Launch a beta site of my private project, which I can't tell you about because its....well.....private
  11. Eat more healthier and loose some weight (to be happier with myself)
  12. Move out of my flat with my Girlfriend and get a house
Thats it I think. There's quite a few there and I'm sure I've missed some but it's roughly all there. Basically I want to bring my last 4/5 years knowledge of web development together which is the direction I am now going.So come one, what's yours!!