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The iPhone has finally come to the UK

The iPhone has landed in the UK and it's only available with o2, which is fine by me being a long time o2 customer :) It comes to the UK with a hefty price, and I don't mean cost. The iPhone still runs on the old 2G (0.5 mbit/second) broadband technology! The "key" reason behind this being that 3G would kill the talk time to 2.5 hours. Also along with the old technology you also get tied into a 18 months contract, which I don't particularly like. It might be a personal thing but I like to upgrade every 12 months. Thats why if I do go for it I'd sell my Nokia N95 first and skip the contact bit (if possible).So for £269 worth it? To anyone who has one in the US, how have you found the connection speed?Find more at and tip to BigMadKev for the link