Thanks to Apple Store its a happy Mac day

Well after finding out the my Mac will have to go into triage for a couple of days so I can have the optical drive fix I spent last week backing up everything.On a desperate bid I did phone again during the week explaing I worked from home and asked if I could skip the triage and get them to just replace the drive but they said "they can, but it would be an in-justice to me". Fair point, so I got old laptop ready.Saturday afternoon (3pm ish) we headed over to the store to drop the book off and find out how long before I got the MBP back. The same guy who saw me at the beginning of the week, Matt, was there. He said come back at the end of the day (5:30) and it would be ready. WooHoo! Though this did mean a couple of hours of shopping while we waited but my girlfriend oddly didn't seem to mind that?So here I am back on my MBP with the opitcal drive working with a big thanks to the Apple Store.Also thanks to the people for the comments in my last post about back-ups. I'm taking them with me so I am more prepared if there is a next time. Tom I hope you've got yours back by now :o)And cheers to Matt at the Apple store - though I do doubt he reads this blog :o)All-in-all just another reason to go Apple :o)