Superbowl, whos going to win

I know the title is a little to open (especially to flames wards) but hear me out on this one!There was an article in the Guardian last Feb about "Did eBay sales predict the Superbowl winner?" - of course it didn't. The article is based on the simple....
idea which suggests that large bodies of people acting independently will make better predictions than a few acting together
I wish I watched NFL more over here in the UK. I did when I was young and it was free on Channel 4, now its pretty hard to find! Either way I always stay up for the Superbowl just to enjoy the game. For anyone doing the maths that means that kick-off is usually 1am for me!So for a social experiment leave a comment (even if you don't care which team wins Colts or Bears) and see if we can predict a winner!