She said yes!

Monday morning I took my girlfriend up to London for what she thought was going to be a shopping trip followed by going to the theatre to see Dirty Dancing. What she didn't know is that we had an engagement ring consultation booked at Tiffanys. After trying to check in (i'll explain about the trying in a second) we got a taxi to Old Bond Street and with still no idea where she was Helen got out the taxi and looked around. Then she saw Tiffanys .. we went over to the doorway were I think she thought we were just going in for earrings or something small ... And in the doorway I proposed ... and with no hesitation she said yes! Tiffanys were excellent, I had already informed them of my plan so when we arrived we were greeted and congratulated. They then sat us down and brought us champagne. The whole experience was great with no rush or pressure on us at all. Needless to say my fiancé found a ring she loved. Back to the hotel now; I had booked us in to a hotel at Covent Garden and upon arrival as I went to check in the manager said we needed to be seated so he could talk to us ... Oh NO! identity theft? card declined? He came over and rather apologetically told me that the hotel was over booked for the night. So there I was thinking "what is it with this year and things getting cancelled". He then went on to say that we had been selected randomly by the computer for an automatic upgrade to their Mayfair hotel and would pay for transfer and any extra charges. Well what could I do, I didn't want the manager to feel bad :o) so I said yes. For anyone who doesn't know London the Mayfair area is very ... how shall I say this ... it's the dark blue squares at the end of the Monopoly board. So this only went on to make everything else special.So now its time to arrange the three parties, engagement, stag and reception and of course the wedding :o)