Scotch on the crutches and Twitter

Well I'm back from my hols in Mexico and WooHoo, i've came back from the break to find my plane tickets, hotel, and conf. tickets are booked.... I'm going to Scotch on the Rocks.

One problem though... Monday night I went running, a part of my keep fit routine in my new trainers which went well for the first 50 metres. It had been raining outside and like I said new trainers, next thing I know I tripped and went flying. I hobbled home put my foot up and after that couldn't put it back down. We phoned NHS Direct (telephone and e-health information services) to see what they say. The response "You should goto A&E(Accident and Emergencies or ER)". I thought I'd rest it for the night which didn't solve anything so this morning I headed to the hospital. After and examination and x-ray the conclusion was I have quite a serious sprained the ankle but have done no damage to the bone. The result, I'm on crutches for a week and need to rest. Hopefully by the time I head north to Scotch I should just be a hobbling mess without the supports.

I've also managed be one of the last to jump on the twitter band-wagon you can find me at so feel free to add me, also has anyone started a Scotch Twitter group yet?