Scotch Keynote Day 2

Adam Lehman carried on where Tim left yesterday going into some of the new tags/functionality coming in the "highly anticipated 8th version of ColdFusion"Below is a brief summary of some of the new features that i've seemed to of missed up to now:
  1. cfstoredproc and cfqueryparam to start supporting caching, AT LAST
  2. cfprint - server side printing. Probably the one reason my company doesn't use it for some internal apps is the lack of this!
  3. nested cftransaction tags
  4. An interesting tags for the ORM's cfdbinfo which introspects the datasource
  5. New Eclipse based debugging (see below)
  6. Coldfusion pluggin for Eclipse(i.e CFEclipse) to be pulled out of Flex (though still offered with it) and to be offered as a separate download for developers including:
    • RDS dataasource browser
    • RDS file system browser
    • Service Browser
    • Flex Application wizard
    • CFC Code generation Wizard
    • Ajax Application wizard
    • Coldfusion log panel
    • Step through debugger!
  7. Remote calls to .net assemblies over http(fast) and TCP/IP(faster)
  8. User based ColdFusion Administration and RDS. No longer is it "one password to rule them all"