New blog design and functionality

A new year and a new design - late I know but here non-the-less. So why a new design? A couple of reasons. In my last few updates I haven't been able to have more that one "related entry" per entry due to an error on my behalf. This is now fixed.In an effort to clean up the side pods I've started using/testing out Spry.It includes the gravatar fix.Plus I just wanted a bit more of a cleaner design.Why the silly "web 2.0" beta style logo - cause I can. In reality I've been playing around with a new pre-release graphics program which I was taking for a test ride.I've also added a Digg it links to my posts. Though why someone would I don't know?Thanks Ray for keep on putting out a good blog!Should I ask what you all think??? Hmmmm....well??