NetInfo manager and HOST file in Leopard

It looks like in the upgrade to Leopard I lost NetInfo Manager which was a handy tool for editing and creating HOSTS. From
NetInfo Manager is not included with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. You can use the command line utility dscl to perform some advanced functions formerly covered by NetInfo Manager. Open Terminal and type "dscl" to access it.
So to create HOSTS with Leopard you are going to need to:
  1. From finder goto /etc/
  2. Find a file called hosts right-click (or command-i) to Get Info and make sure you have "Permission" to Read & Write to the file
  3. Next we need to edit out Apache httpd.conf file found at /etc/apache2/ and add the following line under where it says "Listen 80"NameVirtualHost n.b. You might want to check if it exists first
  4. Then simply add your HOST information in the format of {IP Address}{tab}{host name}