Move a dashboard widget onto the desktop

Like most Mac users I've got a few Widgets on my Dashboard which I just can't live without now. The main two are the calculator and stickes. Whats annoyed me in the past is that sometimes I want need them on the desktop for whatever reason. A quick search led me to the below terminal script that I've now been using for so long I've forgotten that this is not "normal" OS X behavior. The script enables you simple drag any widget from the dashboard and have it right there on your desktop. Then when you are done you can drag it back.Simple write the following command into the Terminal and hit return, then logout and login again. defaults write devmode YESTo move your widget onto the desktop
  1. Goto your Dashboard (F12)
  2. Start to drag your widget
  3. Still holding the widget(mouse button down) press F12 again
  4. Let go from dragging it
To put it back on the Dashboard just pick it up again, press F12 and drop it backNote: The command is designed to be a debugging mode for Widget developers to let me work on the application without constantly going back to the Dashboard