How to post from Google Docs

Just been reading Kev's blog over at and found out you can post to your blog from Google Docs. Really I should look into the Google Office

So here is a quick test.

If you are looking to set this up as well it's simple
  1. First and foremost make sure you have a gmail account. Once you've done that goto and settings
  2. On the settings page look for Blog settings and Edit Settings a pop up window should open, enter the following settings:
    1. Change the blog service to My own server/custom and select Moveable Type API
    2. The URL should be http://{blog cfc root}/xmlrpc/xmlrpc.cfm
    3. Enter your BlogCFC username, password, and a Blog ID/Title
    4. Click Test, if evertyhing is ok click OK
  3. Then Save settings.
  4. Create a new document
  5. Type your post
  6. Once you've finished click Publish the Post to blog

That's it