Its a sad Mac day and I need to clone a drive

My dvd/cd burner has been playing up for while now. By playing up I mean spitting out anything that I put in it. I recently phoned tech support who said "take it in to your closest store". Which until last weekend was Regent Street, London, nearly a two hour journey away regardless of how you decided to travel. Luckily for me though last weekend a new Apple store opened in the next city over at West Quay in Southampton. So after booking an appointment online I headed on over this morning.After a little hanging around, I found out that the floor staff didn't let the 'Genius Bar' staff know that I was in the store and waiting to be seen. Who in turned closed my appointment as they thought I never turned up. After explaining the situation to the Genius staff they re-opened my appointment and took a look at the MBP.They ordered a new optical drive for me and let me come home with the MacBook Pro for now. But when the new drive is in I'll have to drop the book back off as they want it in a 'triage' to diagnose the problem and that could take a couple of days. D'oh!So before I go back I want to take a bootable copy/clone of my Mac. Does anyone have any suggestion on a good software option? The one i'm looking at at the moment is Carbon Copy Clone 2.3D'oh!