iPod touch, the iPod range has been updated

If you don't know already, Apple's iPod range has had an overhaul, and what an overhaul it is. First and foremost Apple introduce the new iPod on the block, the iPod Touch! In short its the iPhone without the phone bit. It comes in two models, 8GB + 16GB, with multi-touch 3.5" screen, and Wi-Fi web browsing (which means you can download music from the iTunes Wi-Fi store). All of this wrapped up with the iPhone interface for a smooth experience, this actually makes me want to update my iPod from the 4th gen photo that I have. The old iPod range, now called "Classic", goes up to 160GB!, includes cover flow, a new/enhanced interface and a sleeker design.The iPod nano has had a nice re-designed with a bigger display for video!, 65% brighter and is now 6.5mm thin. Which I'm sure just makes it easier to loose :o)All-in-all this seems to be a nice update, though Apple have been a little clever and kept the limit down of the new range to only 8+16GB which means come Xmas they can update these to freshen the range.On top of this it also seems that they have lowered the price of the iPhone as well for both 4+8GB models not that this affects us Brits/Europeans yet!