Geek the tube and fall line-up

Raymond Camden, Scott Stroz, Scott Pinkston, and others have set up a new site; Geek the Tube just in time for the beginning of the '07 fall season. With the new domain means that the old forum has moved to but you should be able to still use your old login. If your favourite show isn't in the list then drop a message in the Everything Else forum.Below is also a list of the fall line-up which me and the fiance watch, thought i'd post for reference:
  • Two and a half men, September 24
  • Heroes: September 24
  • House: September 25th
  • Greys Anatomy: September 25th
  • Boston Legal: September 25
  • Private Practice: September 26
  • CSI:LV September 27
  • Jericho: January 8th 2008
  • 24 Day 7: January 13th 2008
  • Lost: February 20th 2008
So what do you watch thats not on the list?