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Fridays Joke- The blonde handy woman

WooHoo, the sun is out in the UK and i've got a Hawaii party to go to tomorrow, though I still haven't got myself a loud enough shirt yet! Enjoy!

A blonde was a little low on money, so she decided to hire herself out as a handyman. She went into this rich neighborhood, and went up to a house. She knocked at the door and a man answered the door. "May I help you?"
"Yes I am a handyman, and I was wondering if you needed any work done around your yard."
"As a matter of fact I do, I need my porch painted. How much will you charge?", the man asked. "How about $50?" the blonde said.
"Okay, the paint, ladders, and everything else that you will need is in the shed." And with that the blonde got working.

The man went into his house and his wife said "Does she know that it is a wrap-around porch?"
"She should, she was standing on it", the man replied.

About 30 minutes later the blonde went up to the house. "Done already?" the man asked.
"Yes and I had some extra paint, so I put two coats on." The blonde replied.
"Great!" the man replied and handed her the $50.
The blonde was walking to her car when she turned around and said "Oh, and by the way, it's a ferrari, not a porsche. "