Eclipse error logs

If you are ever having trouble with Eclipse or any plugin such as CFEclipse you can always view the "Eclipse error log".The best way to view these is through Eclipse it self, to see the this goto:Window >> Show View >> Other >> PDE Runtime >> Error Log\n\n This will open up a new view with 3 columns.
  1. Message - first you'll see a status icon i.e. error or Warning which will then be followed by the log message
  2. Plug-in - where the error originated from
  3. Date - when it happened
If an error has a plus sign (+) at the start of the log then this means it is a complex problem, and there are a number of errors contributing to it. Click the plus sign to view the individual errors. By double-clicking on the entry this provides further details and information like Stack Trace.The actual log is kept along with your OS logs:\n