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Difference between CFEclipse and CF Extensions

This post is in two parts as I realised it's probably not good to bombard you with one longgggg post. The second part (which is the reason this post even exists) is about a new zip file that I have put together so you can download CFEclipse and Adobe CF Extensions in one go. This post first off covers the difference between them so you know what you are getting and why you want it;Incase you don't know the CF Extensions are very different to the CFEclipse plugin for Eclipse but both are essential for your CF development environment. The Adobe CF Extensions is essentially an updated version of the old RDS functionality found in the old CFStudio and Homesite 5+ but also includes a host of new code generation features to make development quicker:CFEclipse is your ColdFusion IDE for writing your CF markup, it supportsReally you need both together for the complete dev environment. In my next post I have put together both downloads into one zip file to make setting yourself up even easier.For now checkout the following references:
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