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ColdFusion 8.0 Cumulative Hot Fix release

Adobe have gotten around to releasing their first cumulative hot fix for CF8. The fix wraps up 7 fixes together, these are:
  1. 70110
    Debugger Stepping Issue: When Break on exception was turned on and you stepped over code, variables did not intially show up and an UndefinedVariableException error was thrown. Variables did show up on the second step over of the breakpoint.
  2. 70134
    User CSS Stylesheets: The ColdFusion stylesheets were not consistently imported prior to user specified stylesheets.
  3. 70175
    CFZipParamTag Issue: Only the last entry was used when cfzipparamtag was used in a loop.
  4. 70204
    Cfpdf issue: "Enable Usage Rights" was not working with PDF forms.
  5. 70236
    CreateObject issue: An arrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error was thrown under heavy load when using CreateObject type=component.
  6. 70239
    Cfdocument sizing issue: CFDocument displayed tables with reduced size.
  7. 70261
    JNDI data source issue: Datasources in jrun-resources.xml were not being recognized.
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