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Apple Computers Inc are no more, plus the iPhone

If you've already been reading around the blogsphere then this is old news. Steve Jobs announced at the MacWorld expo one new suprise (for me anyway), they are droping the Apple Computers Inc name. To reflect their presence in the whole home media arena they are now simply Apple Inc. The other, and the one I'm loving is the release of the iPhone. So whats cool about it. Well, where to begin.... the OS is OS X including the support for Widgets, Google Maps, and Safari, and iTunes. Though I don't know how much more exstenible it is. The interface is claimed to be "the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse" and considering it has no buttons just one, BIG, w i d e s c r e e n, multi-touch display i am tending to agree with them. Actually forget reading my blog about this. Check out the following links
The apple site of course:
Engadget, definatley check this out, it contains 20+ photos of the slide from Steve Jobs presentation.