Unlimited storage for personal backups

I do pretty well for backing up, that is I do this painfully annoying and boring essential task every year to two year. I panic and take everything important and stick in on some writable DVD's. Daily backups is something I think nearly everyone who works on a PC should do but its always expensive to do and maintain, plus with the cost of media etc. Thats were Carbonite comes in. I havent used it yet, i'm gonna go through the trial tomorrow but it looks promising. For $5 a month you get unlimited online storage capacity, the data is encrypted and stored at the company and backups occur anytime that user is connected to the Internet. From the site it claims:What makes this nice for me is the fact is the its held in a geographically different location. At the moment my backup DVD's are sitting next me! Not really that safe if we get burguled or something.As soon as I've tried the 15 day trial I'll report more.