Themes in eclipse

One thing i've been googling recently is themes for eclipse on the off chance. As great as eclipse looks, its visually as boring as ASP code :o) Though i haven't found any themes [yet], there is a way to stop it looking like the Windows 2000(legacy look) and more like XP;
  1. Get the manifest file, there are two alternatives for this:
    • Download the file from here, or
    • Find the file included with Eclipse, inside the eclipse\\plugins\\org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86_3.x.y.jar file
  2. Place the file as javaw.exe.manifest to the same location of javaw.exe (for me this was the C:\\WINDOWS\\system32 directory)
  3. Start Eclipse. The about dialog box in Eclipse should look a little more like XP.
N.B. Tip and instructions from Vineet's JournalBy the way if anyone knows of any themes for eclipse please leave a comment