The unthinkable has happened

All was going well in my mac land..... then disaster struck. My CD drive only recongises DVD's now. Audio and data CD's - nothing, nada, zip - you really can forget about it. After a 30 min call to tech support (who were really good) its a hardware fault and I have to take the machine to a service centre. D'oh Also to make things worse my Mighty Mouse isn't so mighty any more. The up-scroll has stopped working, so i can only go down and sideways on a document!! aarrggghhh!!!

So what do I do. The first service centre (not an Apple store) said 1-2 weeks to resolve (including ordering of the part. Im waiting on a quote from another. Am i better of going to an official store? What have other people done.

Don't worry about ol'mousey though. Apple were really good about that, they are sending me another one in the post and I have to return the broken one when I receive it. Talk about no quibble!