Snippets in CFEclipse

Snippets in CFEclipse (or any IDE) are just a handy feature. But whats even better are the snippet variables. These are a pre-set, built-in list of system available variables available to the snippet. $${DATE}$${MONTH}$${TIME}$${DATETIME}$${DAYOFWEEK}$${CURRENTFILE} - Current file name (just the file)$${CURRENTFOLDER} - Current folder (The path to the containing folder)$${CURRENTPATH} - Current path (full file name)$${CURRENTPRJPATH} - Just the folder$${USERNAME} - Current user$${MONTHNUMBER} - Month as a number$${DAYOFMONTH} - Day of month as a number$${DAYOFWEEKNUMBER} - Day of week (the week starts on Sunday)$${DATETIME24} - DateTime24 - a 24 hour clock version of datetime.$${YEAR} - Current year.$${YEAR2DIGIT} - Current two digit year.If you've only just started using CFE, or snippets check out the site for more information.