Removing getProfileString from Galleon

I'm working on a small personal project at the moment and didnt want to pay out on hosting which i've just realised has been a bad idea! Why? because I cannot use get & set profileString. Now this isn't usually a problem as I never use them but Galleon does to read the ini file.Luckily the solution has been easy to resolve. In the galleon.cfc I edited the getSetting() method and for now hard coded in the struct. My method now looks like: r['dsn'] = "myDSN"; r['perpage'] = "20"; r['fromAddress'] = ""; r['rootURL'] = ""; r['sendonpost'] = ""; r['dbtype'] = "mysql"; r['tableprefix'] = "galleon_"; r['version'] = "1.7.006"; r['requireconfirmation'] = "true"; r['title'] = "LAYL Forums"; r['fullemails'] = "true"; r['encryptpasswords'] = "false"; r['allowgravatars'] = "true"; r['safeExtensions'] = "zip,tar,jpg,gif,png,wpd,doc,pdf,xls,ppt,txt,odt";

Hopefully in the future I'll change Rays ini file for an XML one and refactor getSettings()