Now Playing on iTunes pod

I keep seeing these around so I figured why not add one to my blog - though why people want to know my bad taste in music I don't know?? Anyway, setting it up was easy - its in two parts really:
  1. You need to download the Now Playing pluggin for iTunes from Bradon Fullers site. You can get the pluggin for other players as well, you're not just limited to iTunes, just check out the F.A.Q. This isn't free sofware its shareware, but at$10 (£5.77 UK) its well worth it!
  2. Steven Erat of Talking Tree has created a pod for BlogCFC (there is one for BlogFusion as well). Set that up like any other pod and you are good to go. Stevens code is under the Creative Commons license so you can play around with it pretty freely and the code is well commented.