Nominate now for this years CFeMmys

Todd Sharp of CFSilence is starting up CFeMmys explain that the goal is torecognize the blogs, lists, forums, community sites, publications, etc that made the biggest contributions and impact to the online ColdFusion community. Nomination are open now for a couple of weeks, you can cast you vote hereThere are 11 categories but you can nominate more come the end of the survey. The 11 categories currently are:
  1. CF Blog of the year
  2. CF Post of the year
  3. Open Source CF Project Of The Year
  4. Open Source CF/Flex Project Of The Year
  5. CF Forum Of The Year
  6. CF List Of The Year (
  7. CF Community Site Of The Year
  8. CF Announcement Of The Year
  9. CF Publication Of The Year
  10. CF Podcast Of The Year
  11. CF Host Of The Year
Providing there is enough feedback the voting will take place in a couple of weeks. So get voting!!!