My new tool has arrived and I have no idea what to do

WooHoo, it finally arrived. My old 1.25 AMD (Yes I really have been using something that slow) has finally died and gone to the great motherboard in the skies. Thats right I decided to be in the minority and get a Mac Book Pro - Hold on a minute everyone has got one now D'oh. xWell I did it. Im here on a dual 2.16ghz book pro and gotta say just one thing - "Wheres the second mouse button". Damn I miss that little sucker. So far though so good, I have no idea what im doing as my experience of using a Mac come from hanging around the Mac shop in Oxford Street once or twice and seeing Mark Drew run demos on his at UKCFUG meetings. I can see a backspace key at the moment but no Delete. The @ and " are the wrong way round which begs the question @should I have a US layout keyboard@ - those @'s should be "'s. Well i'm off to see how much damage I can do to this thing in one night. Appreciation goes out to my girlffriend for putting up with me. Thanks babe xBe warned, if you've blogged that you have a Mac Book i'm gonna be hassling you!! Wish me where's that MS Start Key gone!