Movie by broadband

This is first I've seen of movies by broadband. To get this in the UK you must be subscribed to Sky Movies 1 & 2. Personally I don't use Sky for my cable/satelite, but the parents do so I might pinch they're details - i'm sure they won't mind. Actually they probably won't know its there if i keep 'schtum about it :o) From the look of it you have to download a .Net (Windows only then!) application, then from there you can download any movie of your choice. Once you have downloaded the movie it will stay in your library for 30 days. After the "licence period" has run out the movie will be deleted and you will have to download it again to watch it. You cannot copy the movies to DVD - though I wonder how long this will last? You download the movies via the secure Kontiki per-to-per application and will be offering hundreds of movies including Hollywood blockbusters and classic titles which are available on Sky Movies.Check out the FAQ