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I've finally looked into which has been flying around the blogsphere(could that be any more web 2.0 speak) for a while. Whats cool about it: Well I work from home so most of the time I need to fill in the silence which is usually a mix of iTunes and Radio 1 but there is only so much you can listen to. With iTunes I know my library, and with Radio 1, well sometime the music is a little to "pop". So in comes You tell it what atrists you listen too, or leave it open when you use iTunes(or computer's music player) and it reads your playlists. This then creates a profile of your taste. So the next time you fancy something new, just fire up the player and it will pick random songs for you based on your profile.On top of that Nick Tong has created a ColdFusion music group. So get yourself on there and feel free to add me as a friend!